There's an exciting new marketing solution designed to bridge your offline and online marketing efforts with a Connect-To-Web device that automatically takes your customer to relevant online content.

Why a Web Key?

Web Key Example

The web key is a small, thin, easy-to-use device that can be delivered in a direct mailer, brochure, magazine or other printed piece, which, once plugged into a computer USB port, can automatically take consumers to online content. This destination could be a website, microsite, survey, product demo or social media page. And, the web key allows you to measure and track the actions of each customer in real time.

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The key differences

Integrates into strategic marketing initiatives.

Brings print and online experience together for a dynamic approach.

Won’t be ignored.

Engaging, unique high-tech feel, but requires no special technical skills. Easy to use.

Trusted by companies large and small.

Hundreds of companies worldwide trust the Connect to Web device.

Measures campaign progress in real time.

Track and measure a wide array of customer behaviors and interests as they happen.


Integrate Into Your Strategic Marketing Initiatives

Integrating offline and online marketing approaches has never been easier or more rewarding. With Connect to Web, you bring a highly effective new element to a campaign, one that provides a totally customizable approach to your target audiences and drives insight into the minds of your customers.

The web key is a quick, easy and effective method for driving potential customers to important online information. It’s an ideal way to communicate complex, multilayered programs in industries such as insurance, health care and education, where a variety of media is used to reach consumers.

Perhaps most important, with the web key, you are able to track and measure the actions of people who receive and use it, helping to drive insight into the minds of your customers.

Unlock the Potential

New Product or Service

New Product or Service

The web key automatically drives customers online to see interactive demos of your new product or service complete with video, music, animation, etc.

New Website

New Website

You can’t get people excited about your new website if they don’t visit. Dramatically improve chances that consumers will go to your site with the web key.



As opposed to a print promo, customers who come to your site through the web key will discover the most updated information with the latest special offers and promotions.

Introduce Your Company

Introduce Your Company

Whether your audience is prospective customers, investors or potential employees, the web key opens the door to a dynamic presentation of your business and its capabilities.

E-Shopping / Loyalty programs

E-Shopping / Loyalty programs

Use the web key to customize the consumer experience with targeted offers, e-shops that reflect user interests or to a personal mileage/membership account.

Promotions or Special Offers

Promotions or Special Offers

Driving people to your site allows you to offer highly targeted subscriptions, promotional offers, referral programs and more.


Hundreds of Companies Trust the Web Key

Hundreds of Companies Trust the Web Key

It might surprise you to know that numerous Fortune 1000 companies across the globe are already using Connect to Web devices to drive customers and potential customers to online experiences.

Companies also appreciate that the web key can be produced in the U.S.A. And because the web key provides an eco-friendly alternative to bulky catalogs and other marketing materials, there are also printing and mailing cost savings.


18 – 25% Offline to Online Connection Rates

18 – 25% Offline to Online Connection Rates
Web keys

Your goal is to engage customers and potential customers. Nothing works better than the web key. According to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2010 Response Rate Trend Report, letter-sized envelopes had a response rate of 3.42 percent for a house list and 1.38 percent for a prospect list. A printed URL in a magazine drives less than 1% of readers to a website. Now, compare that with the 18% to 25% response rate of Connect to Web devices.

Beyond engagement.

At BI WORLDWIDE, the web key goes beyond engagement and actually helps unlock information leading to strong customer relationships. With the web key, we can measure customer interaction, and then integrate the results into our BIW Unified Data Model (BUD™) and use this database to continually strengthen our relationship with that customer through the purchase lifecycle. This means we can create variable digital and print pieces with highly customized, one-to-one customer messaging. And you can match your unique data to your web key. All of this helps establish an ongoing dialogue with the customer. Download an overview of BUD (PDF).

And the web key is unique.

Being new to the United States, the web key has a curiosity factor that makes it difficult to simply throw away. It has the look and feel of a high-tech device, but requires no technical abilities and simply plugs into the USB port of a computer, where it automatically takes the user to your designated site. Moving potential customers from a casual interest in your product to satisfied purchasers has never been easier.


Measure Your Campaign in Real Time

Connect to Web is all about measurable results. A comprehensive tracking platform allows you to measure your campaign’s progress in real time and make adjustments as needed. The system also provides analytics reporting — from simple reports to complex data analysis.

According to BI WORLDWIDE’s Vice President, Customer Engagement, Jim Bergeson, “The web key takes the guesswork out of the performance of direct marketing; you can measure your ROI moment by moment. Gone are the days of hoping that a prospective customer will remember to use the URL in a direct mail or ad. When the customer uses the web key, we will know exactly how deeply they interact with the information, which sets the table for the next level of communications.”

This is accomplished with the help of BUD™, our proprietary marketing and data distillation system. BUD allows us to take the data garnered from the web key and turn it into strategic insight to help reveal ROI and plan smarter marketing campaigns in the future. Download an overview of BUD (PDF).

Measurement Graphic

What exactly does the web key measure?

  • Number of visits triggered by each web key
  • Demographics: Maps visitors by city and region
  • Conversion tracking: Actions taken by a visitor

Enhanced web analytics are also available to provide insights on viewed pages, time on your site, exit pages and other sources of visitors including paid and organic search.


Find Out How You Can Get Started

Let us help you get up and running with Connect to Web technology or answer your questions about this exciting new product. The web key has a wide variety of application possibilities, some that we may not have thought of yet, so contact us and let’s discuss how this dynamic new tool might enhance your current or future marketing campaigns.

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